Mental Toughness Isn’t About Your Mind

This is going to sound weird to some.

Crazy to others.

But it’s the truth:

Mental toughness isn’t about your mind.

Sure, that’s where you experience your mental toughness (or lack of mental toughness). It shows up in your inner experience, in your emotions and thoughts, in your stresses and worries.

But that’s not where it starts.

That’s just the end of a long chain of cause-and-effect that mostly goes on unconsciously.

That’s why it feels like your thoughts and emotions just “happen to you.”

We talk about it like, “I thought this, I felt that.” But really, you have very little control over what thoughts and emotions show up. After all, if you had control, would you be worrying all the time? Dwelling on the past? Worrying about what so-and-so thinks about you?


So what’s going on?

Well, even though mental toughness shows up in your mind, it starts in your body.

Specifically, in the most ancient part of your nervous system. The part that controls your fight-or-flight response (and most people are trapped in a chronic state of fight-or-flight). The part that is tied to your muscle tensions and stress response.

And if you want to be free of stress and confusion once and for all, that’s where you have to go.

Liberate that ancient part of you, and everything on the emotional and mental level will take care of itself.

It’ll start to work for you, just as sure as it’s sabotaging you now.

But to do that — to really do that — you need hardcore techniques that really work.

Not a walk around the block.

Not a yoga class every once in a while.

Not a massage on your birthday.

You’ve got to work at it just like you would a workout routine.

But with that said, it really doesn’t take much time and effort to start feeling some massive results.

And once you feel it, and understand this first hand, you’ll be hooked.

I go way deeper into the nuts and bolts of how mental toughness really works in my “Bionic Mind Manifesto.” You can get a free copy here:



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Riley Holland

Riley Holland

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