Why the World Needs You to Be Yourself

Most of us grow up with some idea of who we’re supposed to be.

And that includes an idea of what toughness is “supposed” to look like.

And most people’s idea of “being tough” is to simply imitate that idea.

Instead of actually dealing with their anxieties and moving past them, they end up playacting. And since everyone is playing the same “character,” everyone thinks they’re the only one faking it, so they hide it, and the game keeps on going. Some even play-act their way to being tough-guy (or gal) influencers, making sure the disease spreads as far into the next generations as possible.

But I’m here to tell you one thing.

In fact, my entire message boils down to this one truth:

Toughness is NOT about imitating some fake ideal.

It’s not about conformity, or giving in to social pressure.

It’s not even about trying to be like someone you genuinely admire.

It’s about becoming who you really are. It’s about developing that self as fully as possible, and bringing it into the world, expressing it fully and joyously, and not giving one single, solitary thought to what anyone else thinks about it.

If that means becoming a Navy SEAL, cool. Go for it.

And if that means becoming an artist, a writer, a fashion designer, or just traveling for a while so you can explore your possibilities, then also cool. Go for that.

And if that means doing one thing for a while and then shifting gears into something else, then that’s awesome, too.

After all, who you really are is not a static form. It’s always changing, always evolving–which is one of the great joys of living: getting to create, but also discovering who you are through that process.

Now I can already hear some people out there blabbing on about how selfish this sounds.

But you know what?

Becoming who you really are, and fully expressing it in the world isn’t just the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s also the best thing you can do for the people around you. It’s the best thing you can do for the world.


Because there’s only one of you. You are completely unique. There’s no one like you that ever lived before, and no one like you will ever live again.

Who knows what gifts only you can offer the world.

But first you gotta go find them.

You’ve got to live the discovery.

That will give you true mental toughness. But it will also require mental toughness.

There will be great challenges on your path. You’ll have to face your fears and insecurities. You’ll be working against the inertia and stagnancy of habit (both yours, and the people around you who already see you a certain way). You’ll basically be giving birth to yourself. And giving birth, for all its miraculous power, is not a pretty or easy process.

But if you have the right tools for the job, there’s no challenge you can’t meet.

Remember, this is your life.

This is your show.

This is your journey.

If you want to learn more about my philosophy of mental toughness and how to find and follow your authentic “true will,” you can get a free PDF and audiobook of my “Bionic Mind Manifesto” here:




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Riley Holland

Riley Holland

Personal development and self-transformation coach. Get my free mobile app and hear my “Bionic Mind Manifesto” audiobook at https://www.BionicMindMethod.com